This is a super hardy dwarf bamboo that can be easily contained. Indo Calamus has deep green leaves four to six inches, growing on stalks that reach only 2-1/2ft. to 3-1/2ft. tall.Very strong stems that start growing early spring and last throughout the winter. They can be grown in full sun or part shade. Easy to grow in any soil. I am a commercial grower of hundreds of varieties of plants and have chosen to grow only one variety of bamboo. I am so fond of this bamboo that I have found no other bamboo I like better. I don't like the regular bigger varieties as they tend to over grow and are difficult to get them to stay where they are wanted. Not so with this attractive bamboo. Easily contained. Also my preference is to grow my plants in containers and this bamboo does exceedingly well in containers. Very hardy in all parts of the U.S. and is so hardy that most extreme winters it is still above ground. Very attractive as the wind blows creating a wonderful soft sound of leaves as they brush against themselves. This attractive perennial is in very limited quanity and it will not always be offered. One clump will provide you with enough growth so that you will be able to divide it many times in only one season! This offer is for one nice clump of bamboo that will include enough runners and bamboo to grow a nice corner area or a large planter full in one season. You can order the plant winter, spring, summer or fall as the plant it is so hardy it can even be planted when the ground is frozen! I am third generation grower.You will be happy!

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