True Aloe Vera

Medicinal Aloe Vera Aloe is a large family of succulent plants that are easy to grow. They hold much water in the leaves so water only after soil has been dry for a few weeks. Currently with the confusion of which variety is the healing aloe, many are offered for sale by growers. Although most types are healing to a certain degree none of them compare to the true aloe vera. True aloe vera grows quickly and is easy to do so. The leaves are narrow and fat with true aloe vera juice. The plants can grow to about two feet in its habitat. In the home six to ten inches tall is more common. The requirement to grow them is in a sunny or a bright light setting. Water throughly and then do not water the plant again until the soil has been dry for three or four weeks. You can even wait longer as the leaves really do store water for the plant for long periods of time. Fertilize every other month with a water soluble fertilizer such as miracle gro or your favorite plant food. The plant is an absolute must for a house plant or keep a plant in your work place. For cuts, burns, bruises use your aloe to heal it quicker. Many people claim the juices will heal skin up to 35% quicker. The big plus for using this natural soothing juice is the almost no pain action derived after applying it to an injury area. The world supports thousands of plant families. Many have medicinal properties. Only approximately ten types of plants have the special healing ingredient "allicin" and one of those plants is the wonderful aloe vera plant. Allicin is found in a few other plants such as comfrey, garlic, and onions. Allicin is abundant in the true aloe vera plant. This allicin is active in restoring damaged skin tissue. If you burn or injure your skin, take a leaf off the aloe and slit it open and squeeze the healing juices onto the affected part. You will be astounded by the almost instant soothing action of it. Pain seems to subside very quickly. True aloe vera plants are difficult to find. Having them in your house or work place is much better than buying the juice in a dated bottle. Many juices sold are not organic and growing your own will assure you the juice is pure. The plant you will receive is at least four inches tall. It sprouts new plants at the base of the plant and you can use those for more plants or give them to friends. I highly recommend earths greatest gift, the true aloe vera. Shipping for the true aloe vera plant is free!

True Aloe Vera
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