Corkscrew Willow tree, twisting shape

Corkscrew willow trees are wonderful additions to the landscape. They are also used in the florist industry for flower arrangements. Florists place a few branches in with the flowers for the effect. Corkscrew branches have a nice spiral or twisted look. Even just the branches placed in a vase is a wonderful floral centerpeice. Now you can have them at a very low price. How? By planting your own from specially prepared and properly trimmed branches. Then the willow are soaked in the proper rooting hormone to initate fast root developement. Then we root them for about six months before shipping them to you. You will receive (1) very well rooted corkscrew willow tree and they will grow anytime of the year. You can plant the trees winter, spring, summer or fall. They are grown year around here at Goodkarmaco Plant Farm and we ship them year around. Simply unwrap the tree, remove the moist sphagneum moss from around the roots used to keep them moist in the shipping box. Loosen the soil in your planting area. Then plant the tree into the soil to a depth of about a foot. Gently press firm the soil around it. Give a good drink and keep the soil moist for at least one month. They are quite easy to grow. The tree I give is at least 1/2 inches in diamater and the length of each will be at least (18) inches to (24) inches long. Corkscrew willow trees grow to about fifteen feet tall, but can be easily pruned to keep them short if desired. Shipping for the tree is free!

Corkscrew Willow tree, twisting shape
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