Jade Plant

Jade Who does not love Jade plants? They have a unique oriental look and are perfect for a focal point in the home. Everybody who has a large houseplant collection has the easy to grow Jade plants. Growing it is easy, place in bright or direct light, water only after the soil has become dry for a week or two. Fertilize every other month. The Jade tree you will receive is about six to eight inches tall, about one year old and has a strong trunk and branches. It will have fully developed root systems and will arrive with its growing pot. I grow these slowly so they have very strong trunks, you will be happy! These look wonderful in a bonsai pot too. Grow Jade for the perfect houseplant, or outdoors in a area that does not freeze. Easy to grow. Will ship out approx. (3) days after payment is received. Third generation grower, you will be happy. Shipping for the Jade plant is free!

Jade Plant
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