Goji plant

Goji as food is becoming very popular. People are paying over $100 for one gallon as each quart of Goji juice costs about $30. If it is cheaper the juice probably has pomagrante juice in it. Why go without it or pay such high prices for Goji berries or the juice?

This plant is easy to grow. It is hardy in all parts ot the United States. The plant has been growing in the mountain areas of Nothern China for thousands of years. When the the U.S. built the railroad across the west in the mid 1850's work crews laid thousands of miles of tracks. The Chinese people also worked on building that railroad. These hardworking people ate Goji berries daily for energy. The seeds of these delicious berries droped on the ground alongside the rail tracks all along Montana and grew into Goji bushes.. Now for over 150 years these  Goji plants have been naturalized in America. Montana has extreme weather yet the Goji plants thrive in cold or hot climates My Goji plants for sale came from this stock. They have history growing in the U.S and are thus hardy stock. Goji plants are hardy anywhere in the United States. Goji growing is easy. They are sun loving.  The Goji plants lose their leaves in the winter and then in spring they come to life and grow rapidly. Please take a few mintues and Google "Goji". Learn about this superfood and its revitilizing energy it gives. See the photos of the very attractive Goji bush and its abundant berries. Goodkarmaco Plant Farm sells one year plants with a large root system. Also note the price for the Goji plants includes FREE shipping! Thats correct when you purchase Goodkarmaco.com Goji plants you do not have to pay extra for shipping. We ship fast by U.S. priority mail. The plant you recieve will be about 1 foot tall with lots of roots. Free shipping for these Goji plants! If you want to purchase more than one plant email for quanity prices.

Goji Plant
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